Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Proposed DC Taxicab colors

Toyota Camry
Ford Transit

Ford C-Mac

All these four choices here are monstrous, we are expected to only select one of the four and we will end up having the worst taxicab color in the Nation. I feel sorry for taxicab owners for painting their taxis with these ugly, but expensive colors and have to pay for it (one estimate has up to $1500). Painting multiple color tones takes at least three days ( tape the car to paint one color tone, wait to dry, remove the cover, retape again and then paint second color tone and continue doing the same to paint the third color tone). Just imagine doing this procedure one car at a time for all 6500 cabs to be painted and if every driver not work for three days while his/her car getting painted, we will have about half a million hours of unproductive drivers.

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